Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jackson Pollock

What I took from watching the movie clips about Pollock was mostly about the viewers of the art and how that influences the artist. In the beginning when Pollock meets Lee Krasner I thought that was interesting because of the way she acts towards him. She asks him alot of questions about what his art is and who he studied with as if that will give him valedation but he doesnt really believe that and he doesnt answer her questions very thoroughly. When he finally does get a break and have an exhibit at the Gugenheim all of the critics there don't like his work and it has a profound effect on him. He changes the way he is painting and is doing the splatter painting that gets him very famous and a lot of good recognition. In this video the people like Lee Krasner and Peggy Gugenheim were the ones who interested me the most. They show how important it is to have recognition in the art world but also how fickle it can be.

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